Thursday, 23 April 2009

Making the most of the weather

What glorious weather we have had this week & we took advantage of it on Sunday to get out for a walk. It's the first time we've been out for a 'proper' walk this year what with one thing & another.
We crossed over the Trent into Lincolnshire & parked up in the pretty village of Winteringham.
The first 1/3 of the walk took us down to Winteringham Haven on the banks of the Humber and onto an easy path along a raised flood defence. Emerging from behind a bank of trees we spotted this narrow boat making its way up the river, well it was certainly the day for it as the Humber was as smooth as the proverbial mill pond - they were making good speed & were soon out of sight so we don't know if they went down the Trent or up towards Goole.

We left thebanks of the Humber at Whitton & the Trent came into view as we walked to Alkborough, again 2 pretty & well kept villages - just one moan, I could have murdered an ice cream but no shops open ! ( well it was sunday afternoon )

On route I spotted the 1st cowslips I'd seen this year

& the 1st bluebells

We then walked back to Winteringham on paths that crossed fields of yellow oil seed rape, cereal crops & baby broad bean plants. On the way home Mark managed to find a shop open in Gunness so I got my ice cream after all!

The deck or engine 'hole' boards, not sure of the proper name, have been looking a bit shabby & having 2/3rds of a tin of 'rusic oak' stain/varnish going spare I put it to good use & gave them several coats yesterday. They certainly look better for it.

On my walk onto Thorne this afternoon I passed Louis & Joshua's boatyard & saw that they are having a boat jumble tomorrow & Saturday so never one to pass up the opportunity of a bit of a rummage I shall certainly be popping in hoping to get a bargain or two.

Just seen the weather forecast & cooler, showery weather on its way - oh well, it was nice while it lasted......

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