Saturday, 9 May 2009

A pressure I can do without !

I have not been blogging for the last couple of weeks as I have been helping the Manchester branch to move house, which meant doing lots of this....

& Rowen got busy in the overgrown garden to earn some pocket money

Not having blogged for a couple of weeks I have watched my 'position' on the UK waterways site slide to 56 & gosh, the pressure to get blogging! Whilst I do enjoy seeing where visitors come from ( some as far afield as China!) being competitive in the 'blogging sites ratings' is not what it's all about for me - I think I will remove that particular widget .... & the pressure.

Our saloon is open plan & when we moved aboard I had some half baked idea about learning some woodworking skills & knocking up some built in bookshelves. But in the meantime we utilised some old ones from the house, they are a bit wobbly, not really ideal & have a gap at the bottom which, more than once has been a safe haven for small mammals that Poppy has brought on board 'to play with'.
I abandoned the idea of making the shelves myself & Chris, a neighbour who is a dab hand at woodwork, said he would make us some. I had said there was no rush but then on Thursday teatime I spotted Poppy trying to get a paw under the shelves & sure enough she had sneaked in a shrew which was hiding underneath........

.........with the shelves being wobbly when I tried to pull them out books fell everywhere so I enlisted the aid of Phil (Mark being at work) who was just about to eat his tea, to move shelves / books & catch shrew without dropping said shelves/books on top of the terrified creature.
Shrew was successfully caught with the aid of a duster & released back into the hedge bottom ( & Poppy kept in to give it chance to recover before she catches it again !)

So Chris has now measured up for new shelves which will have a kickboard at the bottom & will hopefully be wobble free.

Mark has got a whole 3 days off so we have been to Tescos this morning & got that out of the way so nothing much to do now today but blogging for me & watching sport for Mark. It's his birthday tomorrow & he fancies going to see 'In The Loop' so we may go to see it at the Showroom cinema in Sheffield.
Then Monday some boaty jobs, we have a wet bilge at the moment & we think it's the PSV on the calorifier leaking, also the batteries need checking - they are in a really tight spot in the engine space making checking them one of those jobs that gets put off - which will not do them any good at all. I don't know why sealed batteries aren't more popular, it would save alot of faffing, shall have to research it....

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