Sunday, 24 May 2009

Better late than never.

No new posts for a while as not alot to post about, I have just been pottering about, feeling frustrated as the dreadful weather preventing me getting on with the bits of painting I wanted to get on with.

But today all that wind & rain is becoming a distant memory because the sun is out, the wind has dropped & it's warm!! Better late than never, lets hope we get the good summer the weather forecaster's have hinted at. :-)

Hopefully it will last as Rowen is coming tomorrow to spend a few days of half term with us & then next Sunday we start our early summer cruise, no destination planned, just up the new junction, turn left & see where we end up.

Can't see me getting much painting done before we go as I'll be busy entertaining Rowen but it'll keep.
I want to paint the roof cream to reduce the heat in summer - I didn't realise just what a difference it made until I put a hand on our ( dull, red ) roof on a sunny day & then a cream one - ours was very hot to the touch whilst the cream quite cool & then there is the usual touch up jobs.

Just some cat pics for now until some cruising ones in a week or so.

Waiting for the rain to stop

One good spot for a nap....

...& another.

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