Monday, 15 June 2009

Catch up time again!

11.06.09- Leeds
We stayed in Leeds for the day, there were some bits & bobs of shopping needed including a new TV for the bedroom as the old portable had gone kaput, could be something to do with being well & truly splashed by the jammed paddle incident in Dobson lock.
We had intended replacing it anyway so not too much of a disaster. Got just what we wanted from Argos, a 19" flat screen with DVD built in.
I also took the opportunity of doing several wash loads whilst on shore power, so we looked like a chinese laundry for a while.

Poppy making good use of empty TV box

12.06.09 - Leeds to Lemonroyd

We didn't make any effort to be up & off early as not going far today so had a leisurley breakfast & left at 9.30. Once through the lock we stopped at the old visitor moorings to empty the loo & rubbish except that our key wouldn't open the elsan point door, mmm....still our stop hadn't been a total waste of time as Mark nipped across to Starbucks & fetched us coffee & buns!

Not too concerned as we have a spare cassette & there are facilities at Lemonroyd, however whilst waiting for the Knostrop Fall lock to fill ( big locks-take ages) I rang BW at leeds to let them know.

Arrived at Lemonroyd at 12.45, just enough room on the visitor moorings, Poppy & Soona were soon out enjoying the warm sunshine having been cooped up whist in Leeds as we don't let them out in urban areas.

13.06.09 - Lemonroyd to Pollington

Ready for off by 8am, I walked up & set the lock, they really are huge especially after squeezing 2 boats into some of the locks on the L&L

nb Poppy looking tiny in the vast Lemonroyd lock

We stopped off at Ferrybridge to get a paper & some bread, a bit early for lunch so we pushed on to Whitley Bridge & once through the lock pulled over to the visitor moorings. Again warm & sunny & cats happy to get out into it.

Poppy wondering shall I, shant I ? She didn't.

Soona taking the air

Poppies in the distance nr Pollington

After an hour soaking up the sun we pressed on to Pollington, the visitor moorings there are very pleasant, the cats can play out safely & it's a peaceful spot .....but we got there to find it was packed! No worries, we carried on about 500yds to a little spot we know & moored there instead.
Another peaceful, lazy afternoon.

14.06.09 - Pollington to Goole

The last day of our little cruise & gosh we've enjoyed it. We filled up with water before leaving Pollington at 10.40. Glorious sunny weather all the way arriving at Goole visitor moorings at 12.50pm so another short day at the helm. Once here & refreshed with showers we wandered up to Tescos for some supplies inc the sunday papers & yes, you've guessed it another lazy afternoon with the papers.

15.06.09 - Goole

Mark got off early doors this morning to get the train to work & will bring the car back tonight, we shall stay here till Wednesday then probably move up to Rawcliffe Bridge.

What a fasinating place this is, surrounded by boats & ships of all sizes from little cruisers, huge working barges even a tall ship. I'll have a wander around tomorrow to get some pics to upload.

Been busy today giving the boat a good clean & tidy to return some semblance of order after 2 weeks neglect whilst we avoided housework being on 'hols' but we're all ship shape now

Through the hatch -Some local residents looking for a feed.

Time to close it - A step too far!

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