Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Bingley to Leeds

09.06.09 - Bingley to Rodley

View across the valley from top of Bingley 5 rise

A bit of a slow start as we slept in till 8.15 so a quick breakfast & we were in the top lock by 9am,
sharing the locks with nb Millfield exiting the bottom of the 3 at 10.15.

Going down

The journey was fairly uneventful as we went through Dowley Gap & Hirst locks leaving nb Millfield behind in Saltaire, they had been hoping to spend a night there so were disappointed to find the visitor moorings are for 6 hours & £5 per hour thereafter!

We stopped briefly at the visitor moorings near Gallows Bridge, Shipley to stock up at the very handy Aldi then onwards through the assorted swing bridges to the Field 3 locks were we paired up with an AngloWelsh boat Golden Fleece.

Junction Bridge, Shipley

The next set of locks are the Dobson 2 & as we approached we passed a boat who shouted something about something jammed, once in & descending we realised what they had tried to warn us about. A paddle in top gate wouldn't close properly resulting in a bit of a soaking for both boats!

We pulled up at Calder Valley Marine for diesel, £1.06 / 59p & 60 / 40 split ( take it or leave it)
we thought we had approx half a tank left (using the dowel measuring system!) but took on 110 litres so maybe our stick needs recalibrating.... Also bought a replacement tiller pin.

Another couple of miles & we finally moored up just outside Rodley. I got tea ready whist Mark emptied the bilges of the water from the Dobson 2.

10.06.09 - Rodley to Leeds

Left Rodley at 8.45, not too early as a fairly short day today
. Through 3 swing bridges to the Newlay 3 which is usually manned but not this morning, a card pinned on the beam informed us the the lockie was doing maintenance work on the Forge locks & to ring if assistance required.
We weren't too daunted as we have been up & down these a few times now & it all went smoothly. Just as Mark got into the bottom lock a van arrived with a couple of BW workers, saw we were okay & left us to it.
As we were leaving I spotted a boat approaching the top lock so we said we'd wait for them to pair up for the Forge 3. We had a coffee whilst waiting & when they arrived we went down this time with assistance of the lockie.

Sharing the rest of the locks into Leeds & chatting, as you do, turns out that Chris & Debbie of nb Ubique are also bloggers. I had never come across their blog but I have now & have enjoyed reading of their adventures so far earlier on this evening so will add them to my list.

An interesting sign near the Leeds Industrial Museum, it reads
' the remains of a wooden ice breaker lie submerged'
it would have been a better picture had it taken it before our wash caused the ripples!

We had just got moored up here in Clarence Dock when the rain started & hasn't really stopped, but the fire is lit, we are nice & cosy & Mark's got the football on the box......

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