Monday, 8 June 2009


06.06.09 Holden Bridge to Skipton.

We had a wild night with the wind & rain, more like October than June! But it wasn't the weather that disturbed our sleep but a very annoying crow - we had noticed him the previous evening sitting on a fence post along side the boat. He woke us up at 4.30 am by pecking the roof & cawing very noisily, Mark got up a couple of times to remonstrate with him but with little effect, I ended up banging on the roof with the large brolly but he was very persistant, got the feeling he just wanted us to move! But it was still pouring down all morning so we waited till 1pm before finally getting underway.

Now there might not be any locks between Bingley & Skipton but the numerous swing bridges make up for it so plenty of exercise.

Lots of hire boats from Silsden Boats on the move & day boats from Pennine Cruisers.

Due to our late start I wasn't sure if we would get a mooring in Skipton but as we reached the visitor moorings I spotted a space & we nipped in, it seemed to be the last one, phew!
We realised later that we had pulled in behind Elsie & Eric on nb Bendigedig.

A quick wash & brush up before we went in search of a pub tea but failed as none serving so a pint in the Red Lion while Mark checked on the England match & then collected fish & chips on the way back to the boat. Early to bed & just the sounds of a town centre on a saturday night to lull us to sleep.

07.06.09 Skipton-Stayed put.

A quick trip to Morrisons (5 mins walk) to stock to cupboards & when all put away we wandered off into Town to find a pub lunch. On the way out we managed to say hello to Eric, Elsie & Ben by the water point, they are the first fellow bloggers we have met, it was lovely to meet them & put faces to names.

We had a decent lunch in the Red Lion then went for a look round the castle - I have been to Skipton a few times but never visited the castle & I don't know not why as it's magnificent.

Back to the boat for a lazy afternoon reading the papers & watching all the passing boats the majority which seem to be hire boats.

08.06.09 Skipton to Bingley

Much as we would have liked to continue on up the L & L we are not yet continuous cruising so an early start this morning saw us at the water point at 7.30am & off back east at 8.30am.
Quite cold & windy still, needed a coat until jumping on & off to do all those bridges warmed me up!

We stopped at the old quarry again for lunch, it's sheltered from the wind here & the sun came out so it was very pleasant. Poppy had a whale of time, when we stopped the other day she mooched about in the grass but today decided to tackle a bit of rock climbing!

Whilst Soona again stays close to home

In the little painted bucket is some cat mint I am trying to grow, it has suffered a few times from Soona's attentions, usually rolling on it, it was a bit battered so to give it a fighting chance & keep it out of her reach when not on the move I hang it from the tiller arm.
Just after the pic was taken she spotted (smelt) it & started to give it some attention so I removed it & somehow whilst trying to hang it off the tiller arm managed to lose the tiller pin in the canal.Oops.... tried the sea searcher but no joy so a screwdriver is acting as stand in till a replacement obtained.

Did spot these tadpoles though

& this black swan near Bingley top lock

We arrived at Bingley 5 rise at 3.30pm & moored up ready for an early descent Tuesday am.

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