Saturday, 7 November 2009

work & play

We are doing very well for wood at the moment as there is a small weir just above the mooring where logs & assorted bits of wood come to rest on their journey downstream, all we have to to is fish them out, leave them to dry for a few days then saw into logs with our recently acquired chainsaw.
We follow Chris & Debbie's blog "The Meaning of Ubique"after meeting them on the Leeds Liverpool this summer & noted they have just got themselves one. Can only agree with Chris, what a brilliant piece of kit - used very carefully of course ( I'm not allowed near it!)

This mornings haul of free wood

Man at work - turning an old pallet into kindling

Usually when we are outside doing stuff, the cats, Poppy in particular like nothing better than to be out at the same time. Sometimes they just like to sit & watch but more often it turns into play time - not the clearest of pics (double click to enlarge) but Poppy is high up in the tree showing Soona, who is sat at the bottom, how it's done.

Chores done, enjoying a coffee in front of nice log fire, can't beat it, one of the pleasures of being a livaboard & I actually enjoy the physical effort needed to make a fire & firewood - though as I'm still supposed to be taking it easy after my op, my role at the moment is more supervisory !

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