Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Time for a moan...

Our lockie is away on his hols for a couple of weeks so last Tuesday before he went I bought a couple of electric cards as we were getting low. On Thursday I went to put a card in the reader but it flashed "card error" & then "remove card" but it would not give up the card so eventually I admitted defeat & reported it to BW.
Now it has taken them 6 days & a couple more phone calls but finally this lunchtime an engineer came to look at it & diagnosed a 'deceased' card reader, he didn't have any spare card readers with him but did manage to find out that the 'stuck' card had registered, meaning we are okay for a while.
I was then advised to ring BW again when the electric gets low & they will come & look at it again - Eh, what! Why not order & fit a new card reader ? He didn't know....... Watch this space.

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