Thursday, 10 December 2009


It is a month since my last post & that is also how long it has taken BW to fix the card reader, our lockie had also tried to get it sorted but no joy.
So this morning as we are now out of credit & only have a shoreline thanks to our neighbour, Derek, who has kindly let use use his socket as he is a 'summer boater' I rang the mooring warden in a bit of a strop ready to sound off but he was unavailable - b****r ! so I left a fairly 'strong' message with reception and was advised he would phone me back which he did within minutes & completely took the wind out of my sails by telling me that the new reader had arrived & would be fixed today.

Wow, result! he apologised for the delay & went on to tell me about this department being responsible for this & that department responsible for that & another department responsible for paying for it etc etc but they are hoping that a re-org will bring contractors in & see urgent jobs being resolved in 24 hours.... yeh, will believe it when I see it as in my experience contractors usually are chosen through a tendering process which usually means the cheapest tender gets the work & cheapest ain't always best ( whatever happened to 'best value'!!)
Anyway the lecky has been & we are sorted. so that's that ..... for now.

So to another matter that is requiring some thinking about - we ( well me really, Mark has needed a bit of persuading ) would like a dog. I have been doing some research into different breeds, said dog will have to live amicably with Poppy & Soona so a puppy that will be brought up with them seems a good idea.
I have found myself drawn towards a whippet ( well it was greyhounds initially but they're a bit on the large side) & this morning I got talking to a chap out walking his 2, mother & son, they were beautiful & well behaved. Mmmm... I think that's my mind made up then.

Our local park has some black swans, they are very elegant

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a pair performing a mating ritual which was quite amazing, Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, I have been back several times to try to get it on video but but no success as yet.... Will keep trying.

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