Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I only tend to post at the moment when I have something to talk about rather than " did the shopping" or " chopped some wood" anticipating that once we are continuously cruising ( 3 weeks & counting!) I will have lots to blog about, however this week has been a bit different.....

Last Friday as I was returning from the shops I found Grahame ( lockie) waiting for me "quick, jump in the van there is a cat up at Doncaster lock & it might be Poppy!" So off we went, evidently while some work has been done on the railway bridge near the lock a portacabin has been in place for the workmen & a few weeks ago a black & white cat appeared taking up residence in the cabin, during the day at any rate.

A quick look & disappointingly it was not Poppy, twas a huge male twice Poppy's size but a lovely friendly chap. As I went to go a workman asked me if I couldn't take him anyway as their work was nearly done & the cabin was due to be removed shortly which is how I ended up bringing him back here. He seemed very laid back & after a feed settled himself on the font step

We had bit of chuntering from Soona but nothing too dramatic, by this time it was 4pm so I rang the vets & managed to get an appointment for 5.15. The vet checked to see if he had a chip, no & pronounced he was a healthy, neutered male approx 5 to 6 years weighing in at 5.8 kilos, also checked their 'missing' list but only b&w cat on there was Poppy.

So back we came & all seemed fine except I noticed he didn't use the cat tray, hmm... anyway off to bed - all quite till 2am when 'Bob' started wailing loudly. I got up & spent 2 hours ( !! ) with him while he enjoyed my company but he began to make it plain he wanted to be outside so I let him out & he promptly disappeared. We thought that was that, assuming that he was making his way back to his 'home' turf.
That was until 1am Sunday when I heard him meowing to be let in, he ate a bowl of food then it was a repeat of the previous night & eventually he went out.
Then he appeared at 9pm on Sunday evening & this time after devouring a bowl of grub settled himself on my knee till bedtime. To avoid a disturbed night we put a blanket & food in the cratch leaving the side open so he could come & go.
No sign of him all day until 9pm last night when he was back again for more of the same, cuddles & food! Back into the cratch at bedtime & all quiet till 5 am when loud meowing outside stern (bedroom) doors, doesn't miss a trick does he! Mark let him in & Bob just wanted to play, tried to tell him it's a bit too early but this cat doesn't take no for an answer so out he had to go.

So what to do? Where does he go during the day ( Mark cynically says someone elses fireside!) We are here for 3 more weeks & it would be great if he could curb his nocturnal wanderings & adapt more to our routine, shall just have to see, watch this space......

Now to my other bit of news, yesterday I managed to trip over a mooring ring & my chin took the brunt when I hit the concrete, OUCH! mouthful of blood & bits of teeth plus cut under chin & a sore wrist.
Thanks to Grahame I was swiftly taken to A&E, chin glued & steri stripped, wrist in a temp splint as suspected fractured scaphiod bone but doesn't show on xray, have to go back next week for further assessment & I'm off to dentist this afternoon to see what can be done with a loose tooth & 2 missing fillings.
What lousy timing but no point in crying over spilt milk & all that, shall just have to improve my steering skills fairly rapidly so Mark can do the locks & swing bridges for a while.....
Again watch this space! Bye for now.

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