Monday, 19 April 2010

'Bob' moves on....

So it appears that the 'Bob' situation has been resolved, we had put a collar on him which had a disc with our phone no on so that if, as Mark suspected he was warming himself by someone else's fireside they would maybe let us know & sure enough he was, well not exactly at the fireside but in the garden shed of Rachel, who lives in a cottage just across the road.

She has been feeding him for a few days since he has been sleeping in her shed & having spotted the collar gave me a ring assuming that he was our cat, after giving her the background to Bobs arrival we discussed what best to do, it does seem that he is never really going to settle with us & become a boat cat, much as we would like him to & Rachel doesn't want to adopt him so he has gone to the RSPCA for proper rehoming.

He is a great character & we hope that they find a good home were he can settle & be happy, we will miss him as even in the few days that he has been visiting us he has, as the picture shows, endeared himself somewhat although the food bill will go down as boy he sure can eat!

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