Thursday, 29 April 2010

Goings & comings

After Poppy went we decided that, should she not return we would get another cat as company for Soona, probably a kitten but then we took on Charlie instead as she was in need of a home.

All seemed well at 1st but gradually we noticed that Soona, who had been fine with Charlie even letting her share her blanket, was keeping away from her & then Charlie took to attacking her at every opportunity.
Soona was a bag of nerves & wouldn't come out of her bed when Charlie was anywhere near. As soon as she left her bed to go to the cat tray etc Charlie flew at her with fur flying.

After 2 weeks of this something had to be done, unfortunately Charlie does have 'form', when she lived with Han she was 1 of 4 cats & took a dislike to 1 of the group making her life a misery just as she was now doing with Soona which was part of the reason for her being rehomed to us but it was obviously not working out.
After some heartsearching she has now gone to the Second Chance Cat Rescue in North East Lincs ( in Charlie's case it's now 3rd chance!) they will try to find her a home where there are no other cats - A real shame and we are very disappointed it didn't work out.

Then of course there was 'Bob' who was a real character but didn't want to be tied down to 1 'owner' another shame as we would have loved him to join the crew......

So back to the drawing board & our original thoughts about a kitten which is how we took delivery this afternoon of Sid, an 8 week old 'bundle of fun'

a little playtime before...

..... a nice long asleep

Soona's muttering a bit from her bed so I've just told her to be nice.......

On the boating front, we will be leaving our moorings shortly, we are due at Viking Marina, Goole on Friday 7th May for lifting out ready to start blacking on the 10th (Mark's 50th!) then the following week we're off, at last !

I had my wrist x-rayed again last Friday & no fracture to be seen thank goodness but is still painful & just about useless for twisting or turning ( a windlass?) according to Doc could be weeks before it's better, oh well & there was no hope for the loose tooth which had to come out then I managed to get an infection in the socket, still worse things happen at sea so they say!!

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