Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Moving on

We have moved onto Goole visitor moorings ready to pop across to Viking Marine on Friday morning to be lifted out prior to being blacked next week. I have always liked being here, it's quite industrial with working barges such as Humber Princess (oil tanker) & Battlestone (gravel) passing through.

& the odd restoration project, the view from the stern of nb Poppy

view from side hatch

So if you like working barges this is a good spot, also a busy port so as you pass the docks on your way into town there is usually something of interest.

Sid is settling in, loves his new game of trying to shred the newspaper - before you've read it...

Mark's struggles to read while Soona looks on disapprovingly

Don't be fooled by the ' aren't I a cute kitten' look, as soon as Soona moves Sid will be in her bed in a flash, much preferring it to his own & Soona is far too much of a wuss to turf him out again.

It's Mark's last day as an employee tomorrow, I was going to say 'at work' but as I have quite a few jobs lined up that wouldn't be strictly true. Wink but it is a big milestone in our new adventure.

We were hoping to be headed west around the 18th or so but after speaking to the Vets there needs to be a gap of 3 weeks ( & not the 2 that I had thought) between Sid's 2 vaccinations, the 1st being tomorrow.
Still, an extra week won't hurt, we shall probably head out to Pollington & Whitley Bridge for a few days before getting back here for the 2nd jab on the 25th, then the adventure really starts Cool

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