Thursday, 6 May 2010

High & dry....

We expected to be lifted out for blacking tomorrow but a phone call from Viking Marine asked if we could be lifted today instead, so we are now sat on blocks after a noisy,busy afternoon of pressure washing & scraping.
Mark found it nerve wracking watching the lift whereas I wasn't too perturbed, it all looked very professional & went smoothly. The base was covered with freshwater mussels, I did suggest we could have them for tea - nice with garlic butter? Maybe not.......

Up & out

& safely down. Lets hope she goes back in just as smoothly!

We have also had a chat with the electrician, so by the time we leave next week we should have 3 new batteries, 2 new 12v sockets, a 2nd smaller inverter to save using the 1800w when just laptops etc on & a car radio fitted, hopefully with an aerial if all goes to plan.

Had a bit of a rethink about just going up to Pollington to return to Goole on the 26th for Sid's 2nd injection & decided we will head for Leeds when we've done here & I will bring Sid through on the train.

He had his 1st injection yesterday, they thought he was cute until they tried to give him his worming tablet, that shot across the room along with a piece of the vet nurses finger, 2nd attempt was done with him rolled in a blanket & claws safely out of the way. Success!

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