Wednesday, 19 May 2010

we are off !

Poppy went back in the water on Friday without a hitch although I wasn't there to see it as I had gone up to Scarborough to have some family time with Han & (some of) the grandkids.

Mike the electrician had fitted us 4 new batteries, car radio/cd & our smaller 600w inverter, which is working out really well, it happily runs the TV, freesat box, laptops & assorted chargers for phones etc. We just use the 1800w for the washing machine & my hairdryer ( very briefly & with engine running!)

We then hung about in Goole on the visitor moorings until yesterday as, for Mark's birthday last week I had got us some tickets to see Dara O'brian in Hull on Monday night & a jolly good time we had,he is a very funny guy.

After filling up with diesel at Goole Boatyard it was just a short cruise up to our current mooring, Pollington. We do like it here, it is sooo peaceful & we have been busy doing various chores. But we did find time to polish off a bottle of champagne last night to celebrate our new status as continuous cruisers.

We were hoping to get the gunwhales painted whilst out of the water in Goole, we got them sanded & prepped but the lousy weather meant they didn't get glossed so fingers crossed for the weather tomorrow. Gearbox oil needs changing too as when engine oil done it got left but we now have an 'oil suction pump' hopefully to make it easier mmm.... we'll see!

Little face at the window looking out

1st time outside, a bit scary!

Struggled to get a good internet connection here yesterday & gave up in the end as so frustrating but I have currently got the dongle duct taped to the window & that seems ok! Hopefully I will be able to upload this post.....
favourite game, ripping the newspaper & a bit of boxing.

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