Monday, 14 June 2010

Gargrave to somewhere north of Greenberfield

A grey & overcast start

As I strolled up to Anchor lock just after 9 this morning no-one else seemed to be moving from the long line of boats moored up behind & in front of us but just as I started to empty the lock a Silsden 'drum' hire boat appeared & before long another pair moved up behind us, on reaching Stegneck lock we came to a halt as 2 boats were sat in the lock waiting for some water, the lockie was up at Bank Newton letting some down. Not too long a wait, just long enough for a coffee & they were on the move & we all followed 2 by 2.

1 of several boats that passed us on the way down so a couple of locks set for us

As you go up the Bank Newton 5 you really notice the climb & when you emerge at the top you then twist & wind as the canal follows the contours of the hillside. We were looking for a good spot to moor up but just too shallow & anywhere that wasn't was occupied! So we plodded on..

passed this...

under the double arched bridge at East Marton....

till we eventually found a spot with this view, I think it will do for a day or two

Soona taking the air.

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