Friday, 18 June 2010

A long weekend in Barnoldswick ( Barlick)

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that our cratch cover had got damaged in an arguement with a swing bridge so I finally got around to booking it in with The Canvas Man for repair, it turned out that Brett was fitting a cratch at Greenberfield on Thursday & therefore we could drop off damaged panel with him & as someone is due to do a job at Lower Park Marina on Tuesday next week, the plan is our panel will be returned, repaired.

We were intending to stop off at the marina anyway to visit some old friends, Phil, Gina & Rosie the dog ( New Directions) & Chris (Freebird) from our Bluewater days. Wayne has kindly found a mooring spot for us so last night found us sat out enjoying the warm weather with a beer or two & a catchup session.

The short cruise up here ( this pound is the summit of the Leeds Liverpool) was delightful, very scenic with expansive views of the countryside, all the better due to the warm sunshine, not necessarily quiet though as it's haymaking time so machinery on all sides buzzing up & down the slopes.

We passed this, the first time I've seen a heron swimming, there is a heron's nest in a nearby tree so maybe this is a youngster? It did seem a bit lacking in the top crest feathers

Looking back to bridge 158, last one before Greenberfield locks

Rounding the bend approaching the 1st lock minus side panel from cratch cover left with 'canvas man'

Top lock & cows cooling off.

Waiting to get on the water point at Greenberfield services, summit of L&L.
A lovely spot with immaculate facilities, only 1hour mooring but long enough to water, sort the cassettes & get an ice cream from the Lock Stop cabin adjacent to the lock.

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