Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Riley Green to Withnell Fold

Gosh 2 posts in 1 day! 

Well, there may not be one  tomorrow as we have a busy day ahead but more of that later. We decided to move after lunch & it was just a short 3/4 hour hop to Withnell Fold  48hr visitor moorings  & what a lovely little spot it is.
 As we arrived the sun was peeping out from behind the cloud & it soon turned into a warm, sunny afternoon.

Whilst I sat reading ( I twisted my ankle a couple of weeks ago & it's still sore so avoiding too much walking) Mark went for a walk around the hamlet

& found the village stocks, not in use at the moment..

We were joined later by a Silsden 'drum' hire boat crewed by a couple of women who were just stopping off to go for a walk up to the village but managed to lock the padlock with the keys still in the boat, oops! so it was out with our tools to see what could be done,  a hacksaw failed miserably against the steel of the lock, an attempt to get the sliding hatch off by undoing some fasteners with allen keys nearly worked except the last one wouldn't budge..
 so time for a phone call to the Silsden depot who okayed an attempt to use a crow bar & brute force. Well that worked & fortunately we had a spare hasp & padlock so they were able to make it all secure again.

not a bad job, for a bodge!

 They were then able to enjoy their stroll after all, before they set off for Riley Green & The Boatyard Inn for the night

Hope they enjoy their meal as much as we did.

The plan tomorrow is to get to Johnson's Hill Locks for 10am ( can't go any earlier due to restrictions) & then find somewhere near Chorley to moor so I can get to B&Q at least & possibly into the town to find a supermarket as fresh food stocks a bit low.

Oh, nearly forgot, have been practicing steering as Mark has done the lions share to date but I want to do some of the driving & let him have a turn on the locks, not quite ready to take the L plates off just yet....

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