Monday, 5 July 2010

Busy going nowhere....

We were all ready for off this morning, I'd even made a flask of coffee to sustain us down the  flight when we spotted several BW workers scratching their heads & poking poles into the top gates.

 Mmm, seems there is a problem with a paddle & before long we're told that flight would have to be shut for the day for repairs, so us & the 7 other boats will just have to wait 24 hours


Fortunately we are in no hurry to be anywhere & so we decided to have a  walk down to
Wigan Pier  where we found

a  mill worker 'lass'

& a bargeman looking down the canal 

The (rebuilt) terminus building

We were hoping we could have found somewhere for a coffee but found nowhere open so we walked up into the town, had lunch & a bit of a potter then, being lazy, got a bus back up to the canal where we found an empty pound & some BW  bods busy clearing up


 it seems we had missed most of the action, we should be okay to go down tomorrow but they are not ruling out needing to shut again for a few days....

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