Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Still in Congleton....

 Sunday dawned damp & misty so Mark went for the papers & we had a lazy morning, Saturday all over again.  It seemed to brighten a little after lunch & it wasn't raining so with boots on & cagoule in little rucksack ( just in case) we set off up 'The Cloud'.
 It was a fairly steep climb & felt like hard work, I'd like to say that the views from the top were worth it but it was still misty ( but dry !)

Misty view from top of The Cloud

Yesterday we walked into the town & did 1/2 a big shop, planning to do the other 1/2 today after dropping Sid off at the vets. From our mooring it was a longish walk into town & we had spotted some more 48hour moorings on the other side of town just passed Dog lane aqueduct on the old wharf which would be handier for the trek to the town & vets so 8am  this morning we moved up the short distance  
 leaving this view behind but it is quite nice here, well the sun has shone today & most places look better in the sunshine!

All went according to plan, Sid was dropped off at 9.30am, the shopping was done, back to Poppy for lunch & then we picked him up at 2.30pm. You'd think he'd be a little subdued after his 'op' but not a bit of it, 1st stop was the food bowl & then jump all over Soona & she'd been enjoying a nice bit of peace & quiet, oh well.

Our current plan is to go up the Trent & Mersey onto the Bridgewater as far as Sale ( last visit to family for a while) then we thought we may double back on the T&M to the Shroppie & up to Chester.
I dug out Nicholson book 4, bought a couple of years ago but as yet unused to look up Chester 
( looks lovely ) on page 108 & 109  then to check out Ellesmere Port  I turned to page 113, which was the Grand Union & Solihull!! Page 115 & 116 is Birmingham mm.. 
so an email was sent off to Collins who publish Nicholsons &  this afternoon I received an apologetic reply saying they will send us a new & up to date copy, a satisfactory conclusion I think.  Good customer service goes along way.

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