Saturday, 2 October 2010

Chester to Nantwich

Sunday morning saw us up early & we moved the few yards to the water point by 7am then it was a careful reverse past a couple of moored boats & under the bridge to the winding point, an about turn & off  back into the countryside. A short stop at bridge 19 to nip to the handy 'one stop shop' for the papers & despite the slow crawl past the Golden Nook moorings we were settled in near the Shady Oak by 11am.

Chores day, washing, cleaning & log chopping

 Despite overcast skies we donned our boots & had a walk  round & about  Tiverton ending up at the Shady Oak for lunch & very nice it was too.

 On our way into Chester last Tuesday the lady on the boat we shared Beeston Stone lock with (terrible memory for boat names!) recommended the Wednesday market just up the road from the iron lock so, being a bit low on fruit & veg we decided, despite the rain, to move through the 2 locks  & stock up.
 It was a good job that fruit & veg was all we did want as there was 1 veg stall & very little else, maybe the rain had put people off, it was very wet. 
We would have stayed put but signals for Internet & TV poor so off again,  stopping off at Anglo Welsh for fuel (69p before tax - self declare) & a water top up before ascending the Bunbury staircase locks. Whilst waiting for the lock to fill I spotted a laden damson tree & by the time Mark was moving into the 2nd lock I'd picked a hatful.  
We found a good spot before the bridge & I was just about to make a sandwich when coal ( & lots of other useful stuff) boat Alton chugged past, a quick shout & Brian shouted  " I'll be back in 15 mins " So before long we were also stocked up with coal. We usually use excel but are giving  'pure heat' a try as we don't really know which is best, whoever you ask everyone has a different opinion !  The damson crumble was delicious.

 The day started with the sun peeping through the mist which quickly burned off leaving us with a perfect autumn day.  We left at 9am, stopping off at Calverly services to empty loos & dump rubbish, then really enjoyed the cruise to Nantwich, finding a handy mooring just before the aqueduct. Nantwich is lovely, lots of half timbered crooked houses interspersed with elegant ( & not at all crooked) Georgian ones. 

October announces it's arrival with wind & heavy rain,  we waited till it eased a bit  mid afternoon before venturing out to Morrison's.

The sunshine is back with us today,  we've had a potter round the town this morning & now Mark's listening to the golf while I get this blog updated. 

No pics unfortunately - Because ..... we use the 3 wifi dongle & until a few weeks ago it was fine, 5 gb a month for £15 which usually more than enough for both of us, then last month Mark watched a lot of 'you tube' vids & we were cut off with the message 'you have exceeded your data allowance'
So a phone call to 3 ( fortunately free as I  have a 3 phone) to find out that I can purchase 'add on'  data at £10 per 100 mb OUCH that's expensive!  I bought £20's worth & put it down to experience. 
Then I got my new net book, needed to down load some software for home accounts, tried one (30 day free trial) for a couple of days & found it hard going so looked to the tutorial - which was 'you tube' vids...... Couldn't get on with it, despite the tutorial ! & downloaded another which is much easier to use ( no  training videos needed either) so all okay except then I got cut off with the 'you have exceeded ... etc'  B****r !! Another phone call to 3 & another very expensive 20 mb, the nice man I spoke to suggested that I upgrade to 15g for £20 I'm  thinking about it, it will mean we can use iplayer now & again... but if you use the 3 wifi/mifi dongle, be warned, add on data is a ripoff !

Which is why there is no pics as I'm using Mark's old vodaphone pay as you go dongle, ( £15 for 1g !!) it's happy to let me do my blog but not with pictures..........


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