Thursday, 9 December 2010

Still in Coven Heath

I'm back on board after a lovely 5 day trip to Scarborough & we are still frozen in! So fingers are crossed that the small rise in temperature forecasted for the next few days thaws the ice  then we can at least get up to Gailey. We have severely rationed our water but are down to 1/4 of a tank which won't last long....

Whilst Mark had a log chopping session this morning I let Sid out for a while, it was his first taste of snow & he was enjoying being out in the fresh air....

.....then I turned my back for a second & he was on the ice. 
 I know it's probably a good 4" thick but still not a good idea, luckily he loves his grub so with a quick shake of the food box he was off the ice & back indoors, which is were he will be staying! 

 Meanwhile Soona had a quick peek & then headed back to the fireside, sensible cat!

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