Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Winters icy grip

So we are going nowhere, haven't had much snow yet, just a couple of inches but temp has been well below freezing for days now resulting in us being well & truly iced in. 
                                     This was taken a couple of days ago, looking north...

                                           and this is the view from the stern this afternoon

We are okay for food as both Morrison's & Co-op are within walking distance, we've plenty of wood & a couple of bags of coal left & if we do need more coal I will do as Geoff & Mags on nb Seyella have done.They are moored just a few miles up from us at Penkridge  & managed to get a delivery of coal from local merchant. 

Water rationing is in order & it's showers on alternate days only ( & a quick one at that!) I have adopted Sue on nb No Problem's idea of saving the water from the hot water bottles for washing up etc. 

I'm hoping to get up to Scarborough tomorrow for a few days, it's very much dependant on what the weather does overnight but it is reminiscent of last year when our family Christmas in Scarborough was scuppered by heavy snow.

A rare photo of the cats in close proximity, Sid cannot usually resist chasing Soona & generally disrupting her peace & quiet,  but he is settling down a bit now he's growing up.
 Soona though is still very wary & generally rebuffs his attempts to be friends, she has a point though as he can't help himself, he usually goes too far & spoils it!


  1. Best wishes on staying warm and finding available water! How odd to be on the water and still rationing.

  2. I've been watching the news and see that Great Britain is still snowy. I hope all is well.


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