Sunday, 19 December 2010

Wheaton Aston, again...

A busy day on Tuesday, as promised Carol took me to a launderette somewhere on the outskirts of Wolverhampton so the washing was all done  :) &  Carvers delivered 10 bags of excel,  spot on service, ordered on Monday & delivered next day. The price wasn't too bad either, £93.00 with free delivery.

According to the weather forecast  a brief respite in the freeze was due Wednesday & Thursday so wasting no time Wednesday morning we made our way towards the winding hole, not too bad, just some thin broken stuff but the winding hole itself needed some energetic ice breaking with the pole! 
We had already decided that Gailey was a no go as beyond the winding hole was solid 2/3" thick so once winded we made our way to Autherley Junction, the plan was to fill up with water ect then move up to the winding hole after bridge 5, turn round & head south towards Greensforge.

This plan unravelled as we chatted with another boater at the water point as they told us that the ice was bad on the Staffs & Worcs south of Autherley but the Shroppie was clear at least up to Wheaton Aston. Okay, Wheaton Aston it is then.

We managed to find an empty spot on the visitor moorings, just a few yards past the services. It looks like we timed it just right as we are now frozen in, again.... but at least this time we are handy for all we need including diesel as Turners is just across the way.

Our current mooring, Poppy is 2nd boat on the left.


  1. Well done on that move.. For sure Coven is very icy according to reports.

    You are now with fellow bloggers Jan and Dai their first year as continuous cruisers.

    Their boat Jandai is moored opposite Turners.

    Hey you are in our mooring spot you two, that is where we are suppose to be right now!

    Happy Christmas to you both.


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