Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas in Wheaton Aston

We have been here in Wheaton Aston a week now, a long time to be in one place for us! But whilst not able to cruise we are reasonably comfortable with most things we need near to hand.
The water container I bought in Nantwich has been put to good use & Mark has kept the water tank topped up meaning I was able to do some washing yesterday. 
 On Tuesday we ventured into Stafford by bus as we needed container for diesel  plus other bits & bobs. It was bitterly cold  &  Mark's patience is in short supply on shopping trips ;)  so we weren't any longer than necessary.
 We walked through the shopping centre into a small indoor market & found a 20 Lt diesel container for £12.99, bargain!  A warm up & lunch stop in Costa Coffee followed by a dash round Sainsbury's  then back on the bus home. 
Turners Garage is just across the bridge & their diesel is a reasonable 66.9p per Lt so with our new  shiny container we are making regular trips to top up the tank. 

I got some nuts for the birds & hung them in the tree opposite the kitchen window,  

                          Sid likes to sit & watch them, just as well I think that  he's not going outside !

A not very clear picture of the local "ice breaker", he has been past a few times, up to the service point & back - it's so cold though that it soon freezes up again.

  No thaw yet, forecast for tonight is -18c, according to The Guardian, Russia is "hit by big freeze" with temps of -15c. So that makes it colder here then,  brrrr......

        A very merry Christmas to all of you out there, 
stay warm & safe.

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