Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year in Wheaton Aston? probably....

At last the temperature has risen & ice is thawing, albeit very slowly. We have clear water around us thanks to the chap ice breaking  by going up to the services on his dingy every day but a couple of hundred yards in each direction it is still fairly solid. :-(
 A couple of boats have gone past us to get diesel but then have struggled to get back again. Hopefully though by the weekend, if the milder weather continues we may be able to move on. 

Not a lot else to report really, we are trying not to let cabin fever set in by keeping busy. Mark did the engine service yesterday but there's no logs left to chop, we are on the last lot, need to move to get some wood collecting done!

Some pictures from our Christmas day walk.

                                              Checking the water point, it was still frozen...

It's gone from from startlingly white & beautiful to grey, damp & murky but that's the price of a thaw I suppose.....

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  1. I hope things do warm enough so you can move to a (perhaps) better location. Those are beautiful photographs you posted, I must say. You are having quite the adventure, though thats probably easier to say from my perspective. (Smile)! Speaking of ice breakers - I watched them use a very big hovercraft to clear ice on the seaway and river just above Montreal two years ago. It was quite a sight. ATB! Oh, and I hope you do have a very happy new year.


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