Monday, 31 January 2011


On Friday morning before we left our overnight mooring right on the Worcester - Staffordshire border .... 

... Mark took advantage of the sunshine to saw up the wood we had accumulated & I sat outside for a while as it was almost warm, quite springlike & very pleasant. 
 Soona came out to join me, It's the first time she has been outdoors this year, she is a fair weather cat & in winter doesn't move far from the fireside. 

 Meanwhile Sid was not allowed out, too many trees nearby to tempt him to climb & I didn't want to be not able to move on because he was stuck up a tree. ;)

We left at 12 noon & despite the warm sunshine there was some thin ice patches on the canal.

 Poppy in Whittington Lock with the newly sawn wood stacked on the roof.

Some of the bridges on the Staffs & Worcs are a bit low!

It was just a short hop to Kinver & we were moored up by 1pm, I can't remember what we did with the rest of the day, I suspect not a lot!
The last time we were here we walked up to the edge but it was a cold, foggy day & no views to be seen so yesterday being sunny & fog free we had more success.

 View from Kinver Edge, Brum possibly?

 On our last visit we spotted a pair of buzzards in a field just before the car park, I tried to get a photo but they wouldn't pose long enough.  We saw them again yesterday in the same spot & again they were camera shy  so I'm afraid this fuzzy pic was the best I could get.

Another fuzzy pic  as they were a way off & suffered a bit of camera shake but still a sight for sore eyes, we also noted that there are green shoots of dandelions & nettles coming through on the verges, roll on spring. 
Despite the sunny weekend, the nights have been cold, the temperature dropping well below freezing resulting in a frozen canal... again. We had hoped to be heading up to Stourbridge today ( especially as we are down to our last bag of coal)  but looks like we are going nowhere. The forecast is for warmer weather in the next few days but the pay off looks like wind & rain, oh well... 


  1. Hi Julia, Your Buzzards look just like our juvenile Bald Eagles. they are the same mottled brown until around two years of age when they start getting their distinguished white head and tails. We keep track of the birds here in Birch Bay in our bird books, we mark down what we've seen and what date. Have a wonderful journey. Will track your progress on my atlas here in Washington, state in the United States.

    Nancy of the Boat House

  2. I'm happy to see some green returning to some places this morning. I woke up to a very cold -21C today. Some places that normally get little or no snow during the winter are getting dumped on again today. Places like New York and Boston.
    Speaking of low briges - Oh boy, don't forget to duck! (Grin)

  3. Hi both, lovely to see those snowdrops - it really does gladden the heart! Seyella and us have just moored at Greensforge for a Tesco delivery tomorrow. We're obviously getting nearer to each other, so if you see us moored please stop by for a chat and a cuppa if you have time!
    Carol, Rock n Roll

  4. Nancy, Google Earth is useful to check out our routes & places we visit, I shall check out birch bay ;)

    Rusty, Mark always ducks, he usually has to tell me to though as I'm often daydreaming!

  5. Hi
    I just found your blog from a link on Seyella's. We were also in Kinver at the weekend. It's our home mooring. We went for a walk, but not past the visitor moorings so we missed you!



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