Sunday, 6 February 2011

Well we did move to just outside Stourbridge & ended up having 5 bags of coal stolen off the roof last night!! Not happy :(
But to back track, on Wednesday we moved from Kinver just a short hop to The Beeches above Hyde lock & just as I was finishing my lunch we were joined by Seyella & Rock n Roll . It was nice to meet face to face at last :)

Being in need of coal I rang a local coal merchants & arranged for a delivery at Newtown bridge on the Stourbridge for Thursday. So Thursday am  we moved up near the bridge to await the coal man, we were hoping he wasn't too late as we didn't really want to stay there overnight. 
He turned up at 3pm so after stashing the coal we upped pins & moved another short hop to moor in what looked like a nice quiet spot about a mile from the Stourbridge Arm. 

We realised we'd probably be there for the weekend as the wind had really got up & according to the weather forecast was due to last a few days. Not too bad we thought, only a mile or so to a Tesco express & Lidl  for supplies & nice views of New Wood across the fields. 

Not so quiet we found as somewhere in the valley  at a property hidden in the trees were some dogs who barked & barked then occasionally  just for a change, howled. It was like the Hound of the Baskervilles! Still the howling wind deadened it somewhat....

But we dug in & waited for some abatement in the wind, then this morning Mark went out to chop some wood whilst I did some washing & changed the bed. He'd been chopping a while when he realised we were missing 5 bags of coal. Scroats !!  So despite the wind it was time to move.

 Mark did a sterling  job of steering us up to the junction to wind ( literally!) then took us back up to the winding hole at Stewponey where we winded again & moored up in a hopefully better spot, at least there is no barking dogs! So tomorrow I shall ring the coal man  ( W.Corbett & Son Prestwood  01384-877350  - excellent service )  for another delivery,  our loss will be his gain!

I've calmed down now after ranting most of the morning  but Mark's still seething.

Hopefully we will be on the move again by Tuesday as tomorrow looks windy again. 


  1. It really is a bummer and leaves you feeling so sick inside - we've had beer stolen out of the well deck and fishing rods off the roof - but I really thought coal and wood were sacrosanct and nobody would ever touch it. Shows how wrong you can be.

  2. Hi Gill and Graham, sorry to hear about your coal, nothing is sacred anymore is it??
    We plan to sell our house and live on a boat, we have dogsand I have to say that the dogs you could hear maybe knew something was going on. Anyway, it leaves you feeling uncomfortable and I think scroates is far too polite


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