Saturday, 30 April 2011

Not much blogging been done of  late, not much boating either!  I spent Easter weekend up in Manchester helping Bek with moving house whilst Mark had the task of looking after the cats & the boat.
I got back on Tuesday night & then it was my turn to cat & boat sit whilst Mark went up to Hull for the day to have a drink with some ex colleagues who are retiring. I didn't mind as it gave me chance to have a lazy day & catch up with some TV that mark had recorded for me.

Thursday we moved just a couple of miles to our current mooring just outside Leamington Spa where we will stop for the weekend. 
 It's a pleasant spot & as no trees for Sid to climb he has been allowed off the leash although only when one of us is keeping an eye on him as he is still a bit of a tearaway, just as well as he took off after a duck & forgot the canal is wet & got his first ducking ( literally!) but he scrambled to the side & got himself out so no harm done, hopefully he will have learned his lesson.

This morning we walked the mile or so to Asda for some supplies & the weekend Guardian then after a coffee  Mark got cracking on the wiring for the 2 solar panels that have been languishing under the sofa since we got them from Maplins in Stratford Upon Avon. I brought the cables & controller back from Manchester where we'd had them delivered to Bek's.
 The wiring was fiddly & took a while, but then the panels were hooked up & stuck down  quite quickly ( we got the peel 'n' stick panels)  despite a gusty wind blowing. 

It was rewarding to see the read out on the smart gauge going up without the engine running, hopefully we will save a little on diesel costs.

The snooker world championship is on at the moment so we're watching a bit more telly than we usually allow ourselves, the final is Sunday & Monday so we will probably stay put as we've a good TV signal, we can wait till the bank holiday rush is over before moving on.
 It's been very busy today with lots of boats out enjoying the sunshine though probably not so much the wind!

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