Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Shrewley to Warwick

Phew, what a scorcher! Though it was a bit chilly at 6.15am when we left our overnight spot just south of Shrewley & headed for the Hatton flight. 

 The very damp & drippy Shrewley Tunnel we went through yesterday.

The sun coming up as we get underway this morning

A dig at BW on this notice on a lock beam

 Dragonfly sculpture in the misty morning

 A quiet Hatton Works at 7.15am, staff were just arriving as we exited the lock

Looking back up the flight as we work our way down, 
a pic taken by my phone as my camera battery had failed - again.

We had most of the locks in our favour & didn't meet another boat until the 19th lock when as working the 18th we spotted a couple standing by a small cruiser waiting on the lock landing above lock 19. They got aboard & started to move towards us so we left the gate open for them, as you do but I noted that they hadn't reciprocated by leaving the gate open for us. As they past me as I walked along I shouted good morning, as you do & got a sullen reply, maybe not morning people! When I got to the lock it was only 1/2 full so obviously they hadn't just exited it which is why the hadn't opened a gate, fair enough, they'd probably overnighted after the lock but would it have been too much to have wound a paddle up whilst they waited for us to exit the lock? As Mark said, very poor...

We met a narrow boat at the next lock, just on their way up, on hearing about the cruiser just 1 lock ahead the lock wheeler shot off to catch them up so they could share the locks. 
They seemed a nice couple with a sense of humour so lets hope they managed to cheer up the other 2 in the cruiser !

We exited the bottom lock at 10.15am so not bad going really & found a mooring at the Cape before the locks. This afternoon we had a walk to the post office at Woodloes & then into town for coffee & cake, we felt we'd earned it after this mornings efforts. I managed to get a haircut which was long overdue & did quick shop for tea stuff in M&S food before back to Poppy  to relax.
It's been quite busy this afternoon, lots of boats on the move & the moorings are now pretty full. Tomorrow we will go through Cape Locks, do a Tesco shop then find another mooring,we shall probably spend the rest of the day enjoying this glorious weather pottering around Warwick. 

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