Sunday, 26 June 2011


We managed to find a spot on the Tesco moorings in Reading on Thursday but only stayed long enough to do a grocery shop & admire the gardening skills on this interesting vessel moored across from Tesco.
  Onward then on to find a spot for the weekend, preferring to be out in the countryside we eschewed the moorings in Sonning itself & found a spot about a mile further on.
The bank's a bit high & uneven, it's the 1st time we've deployed our gangplank 
garden shears have been put on the shopping list ;)

 Sid enjoying lying in wait for flies in the long grass

The weather has been iffy with some showers until today when it seemed to remember that it's summer & it's been a scorcher.  Mark walked to Woodley this morning to get the paper, watched the Grand Prix & some Glastonbury stuff interspersed with soaking up some sun, but it was too hot for me so  I've spent the day sat on the back in the shade watching the world go by.

 It's been a busy Sunday on the Thames  with all sorts of boats out & about. 
Apart from the endless procession of gin palaces I also spotted...
this elegant launch..

  a steam driven one..                           
& an interesting older boat 
or two.
We need to back track tomorrow as I am hoping a prescription will be waiting for me at Reading Post Office, so we shall do an about turn & hope to get a spot on the Tesco moorings.
 From there we can walk into town, get the prescription picked up & filled, return  to Tesco for a food shop & then off downstream again to use the services at Shiplake, that's the plan anyway....

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