Sunday, 11 September 2011

Stoke Golding

An empty Stoke Bruerne as we crept through at 6.30am last Thursday morning, Blisworth Tunnel gave us no problems & we had it to ourselves.
Needing diesel we called in at Stowe Hill Marine, the price was a reasonable 83p for domestic with self declaration no problem, a new gas refill, a bottle of fuelset & we were sorted.
By 11am we were moored up just past Weedon, nice & open with good views, just a bit noisy from the trains but they ease off at night so our sleep wasn't disturbed too much.

Friday was warm & sunny so the boat was cleaned inside & out, including the roof. We stayed put for the weekend & then Monday was another 6.30am start on a cold grey morning.

On the Buckby flight of locks, the trains are never far away on this stretch..

We moored in the cutting just past Whelton Wharf  before Braunston Tunnel, no TV signal & radio not too good but 3g was okay for the Internet. I can't remember much else about our couple of days there except it was cold & we had a fire both days! 

Braunston Tunnel

Wednesday morning  it was through the tunnel & locks, we had intended to stop off at A.J. Canopies, our cratch is 3 years old & the stitching is failing, I'm non too pleased about it as I would have thought it should have worn better... anyway A.J. Canopies said they'd take a look & may be able to restitch it. But Braunston was packed & we couldn't find a mooring, we went into the marina where their premises are but the only free spot was the diesel point so being a bit frustrated we left... I rang them to explain & to apologise, it's not as if the cratch is actually falling apart (yet!) hopefully we shall find someone to do it as we potter along. 
No problems mooring at Midland Chandlers & we parted with some more cash for a new chimney & a flue brush, all set for winter now!  

 Wise's Bridge needs some TLC
Lots of the fields show evidence of medieval ridge & furrow

a busy canal today, we're in a slow convoy here, time to stop for lunch & let them get on with it.. 

 & fit our new chimney...

Back to narrow locks again at Hillmorton

An overnight stop at Rugby where we did a Tesco shop then through...
...Newbold Tunnel with it's pretty lighting.

A full day's cruising on Thursday to get to...

... Sutton's Stop

& the Ashby canal, big skies...
& stone bridges.
View from the kitchen window, Stoke Golding church in the distance. 

Moorings aren't that easy to come by on the Ashby as the side tends to be shallow & sloping, so we were pleased to find this spot on some pilings & right next to a bramble laden hedge. There are lots of boats out & about including hire boats from Ashby Boat Company which is just back under the bridge.
There is a small shop in the village were we've been able to get the weekend papers & a bread loaf.  Sid's loving it, spending most of the day rooting about in the hedge bottom.
Not sure if we will move on tomorrow, may wait to see what the morning brings, the weather forecast isn't too good but it seems to be that the north is due to get the worst of it although some of the weather we have had over the last few days has at times felt quite stormy with squally winds & heavy showers one minute then warm sunshine the next.   

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