Wednesday, 14 September 2011


We decided to err on the side of caution on Monday & stay put at Stoke Golding & just as well really as it was very windy. It was still fairly windy yesterday but it didn't give us too many problems as we made our way along this delightful canal. We stopped at Sutton Wharf services to fill the water tank, empty loos & rubbish. A heavy but fleeting shower managed to dampen the proceedings a little but we bravely soldiered on ;-)

We just managed to get on the end of the busy visitor moorings in Market Bosworth but it was quite shallow & our back end was hanging out somewhat so after a walk up into the village to get some supplies from the well stocked co-op we carried on for another hour or so before mooring up in a nice quiet spot just before the hamlet of Congerstone. 
More big skies as the sun starts to go down
 Last of the sun setting over Congerstone

It was really cold standing outside watching the sunset so it was nice to get back indoors to enjoy the fire we'd lit earlier.  A leisurely start this morning, it was 10 am before we set off to do the last navigable 5 miles of the Ashby. 
Mark didn't think there would be any space to moor in Snarestone but at least 6 boats passed us going the other way so I was more optimistic, there was a few spaces before the tunnel but  you have to go through the tunnel to the terminus to wind anyway & sure enough there was a Poppy sized space at the end. Mark turned & moored her easily glad that the wind has eased, then as I removed the tiller arm I managed to drop the tiller pin in the water, b****r!! Tried & failed to find it with the sea searcher, realised it was pointless when the magnet wouldn't 'stick' to the brass of the tiller....Popped across to the Ashby Canal Association shop & they sell all sorts of canal ware - but  no tiller pins so a screwdriver will have to stand in pro tem...

After lunch we had a walk round the village & on the way back we spotted a laden apple tree in the corner of the sports field, a few wind falls in our pockets meant apple pie for pudding, it must have been good....  

The weather forecast is good for tomorrow,  we plan to walk to Measham following the course of the canal &  maybe a pub lunch. Whilst checking out Measham on Google earth I spotted a hardware shop, always good for a rummage, doubt they'll have a tiller pin though...

 Bridge 61, last bridge on the Ashby Canal

 Moored on the end of the visitor moorings,
 the ginger blob is Sid watching the hedge.
 Behind us, the end of the canal & winding hole, the service point is the small building on the left  & the HQ of The Ashby Canal Association is on the right.


  1. I sometimes wonder what use sea searcher magnets are as everything we lose overboard is brass, aluminium, rubber, fabric, et al. The only thing ours has found is (some one else's) chimney. Pi

  2. I did once manage to retrieve a bunch of keys, not mine but my neighbours in the marina but it still has a way to go before it has earned it's keep!! Though it was a gift & didn't cost me anything - Maybe need to do some 'fishing' at locks ;-)


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