Monday, 26 December 2011

A walk & a rescue

This morning  it was mild, almost spring like & fancying a walk to stretch our legs we set out to walk to Trevor & back along the tow path. Due to the strong wind we decided to leave the tops for another day.

 The sun just catching the escarpment
Looking towards Castell Dinas Bran 

As we rounded the bend after Bryn Howell we met a walker who told us that there was a sheep in the canal & could we keep an eye on it whilst he went back to the bridge & over to the farm to see if someone could come to its rescue. 
Spotting it swimming to & fro we quickly decided we'd try to get her out as she was looking tired & stressed. It took a bit of coaxing to get her to come to the side but once she was in reach we just grabbed handfuls of wool & dragged her out. No sign of any help so I took my belt off my jeans to make into a collar / lead so we could hang on to her & eventually the walker returned but the news wasn't really helpful as the sheep didn't belong to the nearby farm but they said they would  ring the owners, goodness knows if/when anyone would show. 
Nothing for it then but to lead/push/drag her the few hundred yards up to & over the bridge. Fortunately there was a gate into the field from where she'd come & with a shove through the gate she trotted off to join the rest of the flock without a backward glance.  As I was a bit muddy after kneeling in the mud  we headed back home instead of continuing to Trevor, no photos of the event, too busy catching & holding onto a soggy sheep.....
Tomorrow we are hoping for a less adventurous but steeper walk up to Castell Dinas Bran.


  1. Wet sheep are very very heavy, we rescued one from the Oxford last year.

  2. They are, a good job they've plenty of wool to grab hold of.


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