Thursday, 12 January 2012

Llangollen week 7

I haven't blogged much recently as not really been much to say! Our days are a round of doing the chores ie tending the fire, water tanks, loo cassettes, a bit of cleaning then chores done, walking  the byways around Llangollen. 
I mentioned in a previous blog the excellent service provided by Smiths, the local coal merchant & it seems that good customer service extends across the town. The Post Office happily hold our mail ( all Post Offices should but some don't or do it with bad grace) the greengrocers always have a smile & their free range eggs are big & tasty, the chemist sorts my monthly prescription, again with a smile. 
Today I decided to wash the curtains ( must be the mild springlike weather!) so I took them to the Blue Bay Launderette, spotlessly clean, £3 for a standard machine & 80p to dry them & yes again with a smile. On the way home I called into Chapel Street Dental practice, we both need dental work doing, I lost a filling & also have a chipped front tooth & Mark's cap keeps falling out.
Again & yes I'm repeating myself, smiling & helpful staff, they are taking on new NHS patients & it's not a problem that we live on a narrow boat so we have appointments for next Wednesday plus an apology that the appointments couldn't be sooner!
The windows have been cleaned, the curtains ironed & rehung so quite a productive day. It has been mild & sunny with not too many dog walkers about so Sid has had lots of outside time today ( he is still very wary of dogs & runs back indoors as soon as any appear)
Oh & I've signed up for twitter, not sure yet if it's a good idea.... but a widget shows my 'tweets' in the right hand column & I may tweet more often than I blog!

Not many pictures today because with some Christmas money I bought a new camera, its a canon powershot   & it takes AA batteries, my old camera's integral battery didn't last long between charges & often let me down so I thought that would be a positive as I could always carry spares. The problem has been that it eats ordinary batteries in minutes so I invested in some high capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries as recommended by canon but they only lasted for about 3 pics then I realised it was probably the charger that wasn't up to the job so now have a new charger & it seems to be okay ( fingers crossed). We are hoping to get out walking tomorrow so it will get a test run.

 A couple of pics taken with the new camera on our last walk up & over Trevor Rocks, a steep climb but worth it for the views. It took 2 sets of batteries just to get a few pics!
& this one taken on the way back down, I nearly didn't post this one as Elsie on nb Bendigedig posted an almost identical photo taken in the same spot a few days ago but I thought it was worth a second look.

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  1. Hi,
    Just to let you know not to bother with standard batteries for you camera they are all hopeless.
    I got these from Amazon and can vouch that they stay 75% charged for 3.5 YEARS called Sanyo ENELOOP.I have yet to charge mine up.
    See here, just copy and paste the link:


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