Friday, 2 March 2012

Time Up!

We were on the move at 8am this morning, 1st time in 3 months but we've not gone very far, just a few hundred yards into the basin.
 I'm waiting for part of my prescription to turn up at the chemists, hopefully later this morning then we shall leave Llangollen. The electric ran out at 11.50 last night :( we were recording 'Those who kill' which was due to finish at midnight but Mark's checked it & we've only missed the very end so that's okay otherwise no point in watching it if we didn't find out who done it!
We are back in cruising mode, the electric heaters have been stowed back under the bed & the electric blanket unplugged,  back to the hot water bottles ;)
I've not taken any photos today as yet so here's some from our last walk, up the Berwyn Way & round Geraint Hill, gosh it was a steep climb up out of Llangollen, it made me puff & blow a bit but once on the tops it was worth it.

Looking back towards Llangollen, the white crescent building is the 

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