Tuesday, 6 March 2012


 With my prescription sorted we left Llangollen on Friday lunchtime
           over the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, though not too pleasant for Mark,
 he hates heights :(
 then the smaller Chirk Aqueduct, the railway viaduct runs along side, we went over it on the train when we went to Shrewsbury. You may just be able to spot the Chirk tunnel in the background.
 The end of the aqueduct brings us back into England
These guys are upgrading the footpath at Chirk, & making a good job of it, it looks like they will be going all the way from opposite the Marina entrance to the tunnel, which will be a big improvement as it's usually very muddy there being overshadowed by the trees & not getting much sun. Though the work did scupper our plan to stop to see if there was any wood to be had as there is no where to moor up while the work is ongoing :(
We finally moored up at St Martins Moor, a pleasant, peaceful spot, a gentle 20 minute stroll through the fields takes you to Stan's Superstore, probably a bit far for a big shopping trip but ideal for a paper & fresh bread.
We decided to stay for the weekend as the weather wasn't promising  being as  we are fair weather boaters unless something is really pressing. 
 Poppy taken from the footpath across the fields to the village.

Yesterday we cruised the 8 miles or so to Ellesmere, lovely sunshine but a bit windy, 2 locks to do at New Marton & I just about remembered what to do after a 3 month break. The wind didn't give us too many problems & we were settled on a mooring on the Ellesmere Arm by 12 noon.
This morning we went down to the bottom of the arm, winded then tied up near Tescos & did  a biggish shop to restock the larder, then off up to the service point to do the necessary before reversing back & heading the short hop to Blakemere for a coffee stop 

 Blakemere, a beautiful spot.
 Then onwards, passing Colemere
 Spotted this nice pile, which made up for not getting any wood at Chirk!
 I know daffodils are out most places now but these dwarf ones were particularly pretty
Mark remembered this spot from last year &  it is a lovely spot with views over the fields to the hills in the distance. Sid's done some exploring & I think it gets his vote. We shall be staying put for tomorrow as the weather forecast is for wind & showers. After that we'll see how we feel, we don't need to move for a few days as we are well stocked & It's a good place to saw & chop some of that wood.


  1. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Love the photos. Greetings from Montreal.

  2. Really enjoy the photos and blog. Found you via CanalPlan. AlistairB

  3. Ah that's interesting, how did that work ? I use canalplan for working out distances etc

  4. It was a bit random! I accidentally clicked on your name on the bit at the bottom where it shows who's logged on. It said you had a website, so looked at that, and hey presto, there was your blog! Keep up the blogging.. I can only dream of a life like yours! Al

  5. Ah I see, I'd never scrolled that far down before! Glad you enjoy the blog, we had to wait a long time for our boat & retirement but we make the best of it now.;)


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