Sunday, 29 April 2012


Mmm, well I had read other peoples blogs recently & several have mentioned a new layout on blogger but the last time I updated it was as usual so assumed it hadn't affected me but it has now! Just logged on to do a new post  & all change, I suppose 'they' have their reasons, so here goes......
Despite the April showers we are really enjoying the Lancaster Canal
View of the distant fells from the mooring near Brock & a big sky
 Nesting Swan at Burton Grange Marina, thoughtfully protected by a fence  
Tuesday & time to move on. I decided to walk & remembered the camera
I passed this Bluebell wood,  the sun obliged for a few minutes while I took some pics.

 We ended up on the 7 day moorings in Garstang, just a few yards before the Wyre Aqueduct
  it's quite impressive, above 
& below
 There are some wooden steps down the side of the aqueduct leading to a path by the river which is a handy shortcut to Sainsburys.  If you walk along the towpath to bridge 62 you pass some handy refuse bins & then it's an easy stroll into the town. 
It's been quite pleasant here but time to move, tomorrow the weather is looking dry for a change & we need to be getting on towards Lancaster & Carnforth, my vacuum cleaner has died & I've ordered a new one from Tescos  It's on their 'click & collect' system & we have two weeks in which to pick it up but don't think the cleaning will wait that long, I did some this morning with a dustpan & brush, not much fun! 

Some random photos from this week...
 Soona enjoying some fresh air from the safety of the sliding hatch
 a rainbow in the washing up!
 I did some washing on Friday, when I'm not 100% sure about the weather I leave the back cover up, just taking the sides off & hang stuff from the frame, as it happened it didn't rain & everything dried :) Sid was enjoying sitting in the sun  amongst it all hiding from the walkers & more importantly, the walkers dogs.
The new blogger layout has worked okay, I seem to have managed to get this far without any hitches ;)


  1. Hi,

    Love the pics of the cats, when we had NB Ubique our cat would never sit on the roof even when we put a blanket up there for her.

    Best Wishes

    Chris & Debbie.

    1. Soona will usually sit anywhere that is warm! If Sid is outside he's usually out & about,too busy to sit anywhere for long, in the pic of him on the back he was only there a few minutes. Hope you two are enjoying life back on the bank!

      Julia & Mark

  2. Was there no wild garlic in your bluebell wood - they usually co-habit?

    1. We've seen a few with garlic but this one was just solid bluebells, beautiful!


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