Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Back at Cabus Nook

After a weekend spent in Galgate lazing around enjoying the glorious weather, too hot to do much else, yesterday we came back down to Cabus Nook, hoping the spot we had last time was free, which it was :) We are quite surprised that such a lovely spot (where you can actually get into the side!) is usually deserted, not complaining though, we like it peaceful
 The weather was even hotter than at the weekend as the cooling breeze had dropped & I ended up sat on the back under the back canopy with the sides removed, I do like a bit of sunshine but wilt  when it's hot, Mark loves it, the hotter the better but even he had to seek some shade now & again. 
This morning dawned grey & chilly a bit of a change from the last few days,  needing some shopping we went down to Garstang & did a Sainsburys shop,  intending to stay overnight but after lunch decided to turn round & head back here. 
I have been doing the steering & had my 1st attempt at winding, it went okay but with lots of input from Mark! Today was a bit more challenging in the steering department, meeting oncoming boats in bridge holes etc so plenty to get my teeth into. 
No disasters & just one minor hiccough when I took my eye off the ball to admire the view of the Pennines but no-one else around to see it ;)
 It is a cracking view...The sun came out & it was a lovely cruise back. 
 Buttercups in the distance fields, Irises lining the banks
 A Family of Shelducks, the young are tiny & very cute,
 not the best photo, as soon as we got near the little ones dived out of sight
 The lorry dwarfed the bridge, They were never built for heavy traffic ( I don't suppose the builders knew what the term meant!) so it's not doing too bad after a couple of hundred years. 
  a mug shot...
The resident Swan family aren't camera shy

We got back here at 4.30 & I got straight on with washing the cabin port side, it was in sore need as it's been a while since it was towpath side, I can see out of the windows now. 
More jobs tomorrow as our roof needs a repaint, the paint is in fairly good condition but has got very grubby & won't scrub clean any more so probably a good job that it's forecast to be cooler as it will be easier to work in.

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