Friday, 25 May 2012

Galgate, again & a walk to Glasson Dock

We left Cabus Nook on Wednesday & made our way to Lancaster, we were hoping to find a mooring spot so we could stay overnight & were pleasantly surprised to find the visitor moorings almost empty so we got some shopping in & I collected a prescription from Lancaster Post Office, having again to explain about 'Poste Restante' to the counter clerk who, having never heard of it ("are you sure you haven't had a card through the door, you will need to collect it from the delivery office") checked with another clerk & found my letter. 
I had an appointment at Rosebank Medical Centre & can highly recommend them to any visiting boaters need a GP,  they were great, especially as there had been a mix up & the appointment had been made for the previous day but no problem, they soon registered me as a temporary patient & I saw a GP within 15 minutes, sorted.

Yesterday morning we winded in one of the basins & headed the 4 miles back to Galgate this time with me steering for a change, Mark usually does most of the driving as I enjoy walking the tow path & doing the locks, it's good exercise, but I feel I do need to be able to steer as you never know when it might be needed. It's easy peasy here on the Lancaster as no locks to contend with so a good place to practise.  Plenty of room on the 7 day moorings so we got tied up & spent the rest of the day enjoying this fabulous weather.

As we now don't need to go down to Glasson Basin for diesel we decided not to bother cruising there & walk instead so this morning we made the best of the weather & had a very pleasant stroll

 The hawthorn trees & hedges are laden with blossom, my favourite time of year
 abundant buttercups 
                  reflections on the underside of the bridge
The visitor moorings in the basin were just about full so it's probably just as well that we left Poppy moored up in Galgate.  First stop was the Lock keepers Rest for an ice cream before having a potter round which, as it's only a small place didn't take long , I bought some lemon & parsley smoked mackerel from the smoke house & then we went back to the Lock Keepers Rest for a spot of lunch before heading back up to Galgate.  
A lazy afternoon followed ( just for a change!) enjoying the weather, the wind has got up today providing some respite from the heat, can't believe a week ago we had a fire! 

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  1. Rosebank is actually my doctor's surgery! Glad to hear you had good service there.
    Jim (Starcross)


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