Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cabus Nook

Has summer finally arrived? Looks like it & I hope we're not tempting fate as the chimney has been removed & stowed. 
We arrived here at Cabus Nook yesterday lunchtime after an overnight stop in Garstang on Sunday, we had hung about Galgate waiting for some decent weather to go down to Glasson Dock ( we had been told more than once that it's a windy spot at the best of times) & whilst down there we planned on filling up with diesel. 
Diesel outlets are few on the Lancaster, as far as we knew there was Moons Bridge Marina, which we had passed back at the end of April & Glasson but  Dave, the warden at Galgate Marina, told us that Glasson no longer sell it so on Friday with nothing more pressing & the weather still more like March  we turned round & headed south (after I had rung Moons Bridge 1st to make sure they did have some!) & filled up. 
We should have plenty now to see us through to June 23rd when we go back down the link, especially if this weather lasts as the solar panels then do a good job keeping the batteries topped up.
 We passed this 'caraboat' on the way, I suppose someone must like it....

We'd barely got moored before this family stopped by to see if we had any tidbits

It's delightfully rural here & very peaceful,
 just the odd tractor droning away as the farmers crack on with haymaking

 Sid's really enjoying it here 

Although not sure what this was about as he does not usually do knees!

Soona meanwhile does what Soona does best ;)

We will have to drag ourselves away tomorrow as I have a doctors appointment in Lancaster but I'm sure we will be back here.

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