Sunday, 13 May 2012


Busy doing not a lot at the moment!  We moved back to Hest Bank last Friday stopping briefly at Carnforth to restock supplies from the handy Tesco & do the necessary at the services.
 It would have been nice to stay at Capernwray longer but we needed water etc, but we shall be up there again as we are not due back down the Ribble Link until 23rd of June so plenty of time, which is just as well really given the recent wet & windy weather, if we had just been up here for a couple of weeks we would have needed to move regardless but we can potter long or stay put as the fancy (& weather) takes us.
We've had the odd nice day, last Sunday being one of them, cool & breezy but sunny so we walked into Morecambe
Looking North West across Morecambe Bay, the mountains of Cumbria in the hazy distance
 Sculpture showing the position of the distant hills
 They are all named, but you'd need a very clear day (& probably binoculars) to see them all.

Mark found us a footpath for the walk back, it started by walking through the busy Happy Mount Park with lots of families out enjoying the sunshine, full marks to Lancaster City Council Leisure Services for this gem. Out of the rear of the park & onto a pleasant footpath which took us back up to the canal at Rakes Bridge,just a couple of hundred yards from our mooring.

On Tuesday morning we moved down to Lancaster, there was a boat on the service point but they were just about to move off so good timing, even better, they had just vacated a space on the visitor moorings. We had a very brief chat ( I'm hopeless at remembering boat names) recognising each others Yorkshire accent, turns out they were from Goole  which is where we started  continuously cruising from 2 years ago on the 18th May 2010. 
During the last 2 years we have done 1409 miles, 935 locks, 31 tunnels, 48 lift bridges & 61 swing bridges & the Ribble Link, one way...

We enjoyed our short stay in Lancaster despite the weather, the moorings are quiet despite being close to town. The moorings are 7 days, there were 3 other narrow boats & some GRP boats filling up the rest of the space & whilst we were there was no-one on any of the other boats until Friday night  when someone appeared on the boat in front of us so I doubt that many if any were 'visitors'. 

As no rain was forecast, yesterday seemed a good day to move so Mark reversed back to the services, dashed to the paper shop whilst the tank was filling & by 9am we were on our way. It was a very pleasant cruising along in the sunshine,  we are planning to do the Glasson Arm & spend a day or two in the basin so here at Galgate, just 1/2 a mile or so to the junction looked a good place to sit out the next few days of windy, showery weather.  Sid is happier too as shore leave was cancelled in Lancaster, although there are lots of dog walkers  about so he's not strayed too far from home  
The wind is getting up now, we are in a bit of a dip here so seem to be sheltered from the worst of it, Mark  sawed & chopped some logs this morning, has just lit the fire & we have an episode of  'The Bridge' to watch so when the rain arrives we won't care...

Before I go....I spend a lot of time walking along tow paths & see a lot of this, 

either left on the ground or even more bizarrely, hung in the hedge, why ? 
 I just don't get it - hoping the day comes when I spot someone doing it & I can ask them.


  1. Glad to hear you felt better about Lancaster this time! You are right about the moorings though - I regularly see the same boats there for weeks on end.
    Sorry I wasn't there to say hello either, but I'm on my boat at the moment.

  2. It's amazing how clever these dogs are - being able to do their business straight into the bags. Shame their owners aren't clever enough to get the bags into the bins!

    So pleased you can see the Cumbrian hills - that's the land of my childhood.

    Take care,


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