Thursday, 27 January 2011


We have just spent 3 days in Stourport & the river levels are back to green so we could have gone on to Worcester but we have had a change of heart  & decided to head back up the Staffs & Worcs to Stewponey & then on the Stourbridge towards Birmingham.

 The weather wasn't kind whilst we were in Stourport but we managed to do a bit of exploring, yesterday we walked up 4 miles of The Severn Way to Bewdley, a bit muddy underfoot in parts, the weather was grey & cold but the coffee & scone in a nice little cafe in Bewdley went down a treat & set us up for the walk back.

Mistletoe spotted in a tree on the river bank

Interesting 'holes' in the sandstone Blackstone river cliff near Bewdley

Gosh it's been cold today!  We left Stourport at 9am & I walked quite a bit as it was warmer walking & if I got a move on I could set the locks although they were all but one in our favour, Caldwell & that was worked for us  by a very pleasant  BW chap who let us through whilst waiting for a work boat.
 Most of the locks had accumulated rubbish up against the gates & quite a lot of wood, some of it is now stashed on Poppy's roof ;)
 We actually got stuck on some branches going into Debdale lock & I had to open a paddle to flush Poppy back out, Mark had more success on the second attempt. 

More sandstone cliffs, right on a tight bend

Hole in the wall at Debdale lock, 
 It's actually quite a large space inside & looks like it once had a door - storage room maybe?

We stopped outside the very handy canalside Sainsburys in Kidderminster to pick up a few bits & then got warmed up whilst we had lunch. Back out into the cold for the last lap & we are now moored just passed Caunsall Bridge. 

The sharper eyed among you may have spotted the water explorer 'location box' ( not a technical term!) under the clock on the right.  I 1st tried to use it when I got my GPS back in march but couldn't  figure it out but I tried again & this time success! 

Tomorrow we may stay here or press on to Kinver, it all depends on how we feel in the morning....



  1. I enjoy reading of your adventures on the Rivers, will get my Atlas out and find your routes. Stay warm and dry and have a scone and coffee for the Boat House, in Washington state in the United States.

  2. Hi There,

    The little room is where they used to bed the horses for the night. (Nicholsons)

    Regards Chris.

  3. Hi Chris & Debbie,
    That would make sense, we have the Nicholson's Guide, maybe I should read it :)
    Sounds like BW have been giving you grief, that's what you get for trying to do the right thing!! Next time keep your head below the parapet, hope you're soon cruising again.

    Regards, Julia


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