Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Stratford Upon Avon

We  had a very pleasant few days in Wootton Wawen moored just passed bridge 52 with the weather being warm & sunny for the most part. 

lovely mooring

The Edstone Aqueduct

We did a bit of walking ( tee shirts in March!)  This time I took the GPS & we only went 'off piste' once turning a 6 1/2 mile walk into  8 miles.
 The soft ware I use for my GPS is Anquet  & I find it really easy to use, you do have to buy the maps but once downloaded you can plot routes which then gives you various information about the route (  I find it handy to check how far it is to the nearest shops etc)
Then simply plug in GPS via usb & upload to GPS, of course you do need to have bought the maps for the GPS as the base maps supplied are useless really - more expense & they are not cheap! I bought the TOPO maps both Northern England & Southern England, they are on tiny SD cards & I have managed to lose the northern one :( 
I have not replaced it as a) we are not back up north yet & b) keep hoping it will turn up, ever the optimist.
Anyway back to Wootton Wawen, the warm weather prompted use to get some boat jobs done so.....
the blue just below the gunwales is now black, it's always getting scraped & hopefully it will be easier to touch up. It certainly looks better & we intend to stop there again on our way back up the Stratford to do the other side, if the weather behaves.
Soona likes the back cover as she can watch the world go by but still feels safe as she is a big scardey cat & you'll note it's also good for stowing stuff out of sight!

We got to Stratford upon Avon on Sunday & the good weather has held so we've really enjoyed it here, yes it's busy & touristy but we can cope for a few days.
 King Lear last night was amazing, we really enjoyed it, it's 3 hours long, not including the interval but it didn't seem like it as it's gripping from the start, so a late night for us, we're usually tucked up by 10pm!
 The Royal Shakespeare Theatre across the basin from our mooring

The Theatre again from the other side

 Shakespeare's birthplace

 A row of almshouses in the town

 The river lock onto the Avon & a swan waiting for someone to open the gate so he can join the rest of the gang on the river

  Our 48 hours is up this afternoon but due to problems with my prescription going adrift within the postal system we are needing to overstay a day. I have had to get Hannah to sort me another one which hopefully will be here tomorrow then we shall head off back up towards Wootton Wawen although I don't think we will do it in one go as the locks between here & there are hard work, stiff paddles & gates but at least it will help to work off all the buns I have been indulging in...

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