Monday, 4 April 2011

Back in Wootton Wawen

After getting my prescription sorted on Wednesday morning we were on the move by 9.30am. We stopped  just after 'one elm' lock so we could do a shop at Tesco, B&Q  & pick up the 2 solar panels we had on order from Maplins, have been thinking we should get some for a while & Maplins seemed a good price,  just need to sort out some cables & a controller,  ebay I think ;). 
Then needing diesel we moved across to Valley Boat Services to fill up, 170 litres for £172 ( we usually declare 20/80 split)  ouch! that's the most we've ever paid, hopefully we the solar is up & running we should use a bit less for battery charging, we also needed some gas but they were out of stock, I think they had enough of our money anyway!

 We didn't move much further, just before the bottom of the Wilmcote flight & we decided to stay put for a day or two which was then extended to include the weekend. Just as well really as it got very busy with more Anglo Welsh boats than you could shake a stick at & I probably could have done at one or two who seemed to be in a hurry to sample the delights of Stratford upon Avon. 

What a difference today, setting off at 8am we found most of the locks in our favour & just as we exited Wilmcote top lock met a boat heading down, the only other boat we have seen today. A short stop in Wilmcote, Mark nipped to the village shop for a paper & bread loaf whilst I made the coffee then we pressed on.
 When we had left this morning it was a sunny & calm morning but by the time we left Wilmcote it had clouded over & blowing a cold stiffening breeze so a quick stop at Anglo Welsh (where they were busy cleaning all those boats that had passed us going to Stratford & back!)  for a gas refill & we are now settled in at Wootton Wawen warming nicely by the fire, the forecasted rain hasn't arrived but it is very blowy.
 Showers are forecast for tomorrow but then set fair for the rest of the week so we are planning on getting more jobs done including painting the gunwales on the other side.

Slow connection so no photos today......


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