Sunday, 10 April 2011

A busy week in Wootton Wawen

We have made the most of the glorious warm weather whilst we have been here & the gunwales have been painted, the roof has been scrubbed to get rid of the winter grime, the pole has been sanded & had a new coat of varnish & on Wednesday, the only day when the sun didn't shine I painted the bathroom ceiling.  
But it hasn't been all work, we've still found time to sit out & enjoy this lovely spot.

Hedgerows in blossom on the footpath to Henley in Arden
More blossom...

View from the kitchen window, oil seed rape,
 it has gone from green to yellow in the few days we have been here.

Another yellow field, dandelions this time..

A grass snake spotted swimming past the boat

Sid has enjoyed being outside, albeit on his lead as too many tall trees to get stuck in but he doesn't seem to mind.  He does get lots of comments from passers by, most people are surprised he's happy on a lead. I suppose I'm surprised that he has taken to it so well but we did get him used to it from a small kitten.

A purely gratuitous photo of Soona enjoying the sunshine

Tomorrow we will move up the locks to the junction as we need water etc, & we'll hang about for a couple of days to get a Tesco delivery. We shall then trundle slowly  towards Warwick. 

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