Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fenny Stratford

Yes, it has been a while!!  Apart from a bit of boating to get us from Cowroast  I have been otherwise busy visiting family so not a lot to tell you really. We are currently moored just above the lock on the 14 day moorings in Fenny Stratford, it's a pleasant enough spot & handy for Ikea ( new throw for the sofa & assorted bits & bobs) Tesco & B&Q but after being here 5 days we are more than ready to move on. 
We had a walk into Milton Keynes yesterday so I could collect a prescription from the post office & leave it at the handy Boots just across the way, as usual they don't have my migraine meds in stock but will have them by Monday afternoon. So the plan is to move up the three or so miles to Milton Keynes in the morning. 
I must say we have been impressed with Milton Keynes so far, lots of open spaces especially Campbell Park that we walked through on our way from the towpath into town. There are some visitor moorings adjacent to the park where we hope to find a mooring spot tomorrow.

On Friday we had a walk up through Back Wood, Bow Brickhill & Caldecotte Lake & the hedgerows were laden with blackberries, they seem very prolific this year, often so large & juicy they are more like cultivated fruit,  it didn't take long to fill our now empty sandwich boxes...

the result of our efforts, Blackberry crumble...

A swan family on the peaceful Caldecotte Lake hoping for a nibble 
but we had already scoffed the sandwiches

Soona enjoying the solar panels..... 
 we painted our roof cream as it is cooler to the touch in the sun but she likes the heat so the panels for her are a better choice, I don't think she is too bothered about reducing the output to our batteries!

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